The Five Part Self by Emerson Selig

Emerson's poetry on the nature of self and being.

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The Five Part Self (selections)

by Emerson Selig

All of these four essences: Ka, Ba, Ren, Soul — are in what we see and do and say and yet they defy our senses at the same time. 

We do not see their deepness, because they are deeper than our mortal selves. 

The final piece is our corporeal bodies, our seeming lives. 

This piece cannot, so it seems, be preserved via any means or outcome. 

Our bodies are less anchors than ports. 

How can we anchor these four in the fifth?

And, if we could, what would that anchoring mean?

If there is a sixth essence, it is our shadow and this essence is a thief. 

It is a semblance of something else, something other. 

This substance wants to steal into our world and has no solid grounding. 

It is something trying to pass through us or, perhaps, from us. 

It is a suspicious substance. 

But there is something better. I can give us something better, but as yet, I am not sure how. 

I'm not sure I'm ready to know how yet. It's something bigger than I ought, but something I must.

It's something about our names and our faces and our thoughts and our flesh and our eternal truths.

It's something about the nature of us, our ideas of ourselves and thinking further than anyone's ever thought before, seeing deeper than anyone has seen yet. 

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Emerson Selig