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Your purchase of the official Master Lucius Selig desktop planner shows that you have taken the teachings of Positive Mechanics to heart. What better way to manifest your dreams than by writing them down, scheduling them and planning the time and date to actuate your reality? A desktop planner is one of the most powerful tools a follower of mine can own. Good for you!

I look forward to working with you over the next year to bring your dreams to fruition. I’ve packed this planner with inspiring themes and messages, all designed to guide you on your quest to become the master or mistress of your own paradigm. What I wrote on these pages is the result of months of intense soul-searching and reflection. I traveled across galaxies, dimensions and timelines seeking the kind of inspiration that could raise someone like yourself to my level. You’re very lucky.

I wish you the best of luck in the coming year. But before I leave you to your goals, the crystals on Murok-Inoo had a message that they wanted me to pass along: most natural crystals are formed from molten rock. As magma cools, the crystals begin to take shape.

“Your intentions are the molten rock,” they told me. “When you harness that energy your life becomes the crystal.”

Power On!

Master Lucius Selig, Founder of the Power of Positive Mechanics



JANUARY 2015 > Spirit Homes: Or How I Escaped my Negative Thought Patterns and Discovered New Worlds

For many years I thought there was something wrong with me.

I would have blackouts. One moment I would be sitting in a coffee shop, or eating dinner, or watching TV and the next I would be outside of my body, hurtling through outer space.

This wasn’t new. I had been living in that paradigm since I was a teenager. My parents took me to doctors, psychiatrists. While other kids were trying out for the basketball team or learning how to drive, I was in an MRI machine, or sitting in a medical laboratory with electrodes stuck to my forehead.

It was useless. I still had the blackouts. I would still be transported without warning to the blank void of space. It got worse. I would often “wake up” on distant planets— harsh, fearsome environments with spires of black rock, the wind howling through canyons so deep that I couldn’t see the bottom.

If there’s one thing I regret in my life, it’s the wasted time. I thought of my trips as a “condition.” I became depressed. I wouldn’t leave my apartment out of fear. I wouldn’t cook for myself because I was afraid I’d black out and catch my apartment on fire. I took a string of low paying stay-at-home jobs so I wouldn’t have to confront my condition in public.

One day I blacked out in the bathtub (I stopped taking showers because I was afraid that I would fall and hurt myself) and I awoke on the surface of another world. It was a gorgeous desert planet with purple crystals sprouting from the ground. On my first trip there I profaned this sacred space by crying out of frustration and fear. I couldn’t see outside of the depressing “condition” I created for myself and so, instead of it being an uplifting experience, it was negative. In the midst of my temper tantrum, I kicked the largest crystal I could find with the hope of shattering it.

It was then that my awakening began.

“Fool!” the crystal said.

I thought that I had finally gone insane and was hearing voices. I kicked at the crystal again in my frustration.

“You cannot break me,” the crystal said, “though you’re welcome to try.”

Like an idiot I tried everything I could think of to shatter the crystal. I kicked it. I rammed my shoulder into it. I think I may have even tried biting it at one point.

After several minutes a fracture appeared in the crystals surface. With one final kick I broke the crystal into hundreds of shards. I screamed at it, in my triumph.

And then I watched the shards rise from the ground and piece themselves back together. Within seconds the crystal stood as whole as it was when I started attacking it.

I did what I had been doing my entire life up until that point: I quit. I sank to my knees in front of it, too exhausted to feel anything at all. I resigned myself to the “condition” I had been a slave to my entire life.

But it spoke again: “Do you know why you cannot break me?”

I shook my head.

“My intention is stronger than yours. My will is stronger than yours. I trust in my structure, in my being. You do not trust yours. I embrace my gifts. You reject yours. You could attack me until the universe collapses and I will remain standing because my Zone of Positive Influence is absolute.”

“What are you?” I asked.

“I am called Murok-Inoo,” the crystal replied. “When this planet was formed, I crystalized myself out of pure will. I created myself out of the molten rock of this world’s birth and here I stand.”

“You have been given a gift,” it said. “You are a being of intense power. You could rival myself, but you have a sickness in you.”

“My blackouts,” I said.

The crystal responded with a voice that punched through my body. It hurt like hell. “Fool! Liar!”

“Your sickness is called a ‘Negative Thought Pattern.’ It’s a prison that you built for yourself. You tell yourself that you are insane. But if you’re insane, it’s only because you’re willing to live and die within your Negative Thought Pattern. You are a fool to not accept your gift. You are a liar because you tell yourself you cannot leave. Your ‘condition,’ as you call it, is the way out.”

“What do I do?”

“Follow me.”

The crystal vanished. Its voice came to me again from far away. I don’t know how, but I could feel its location. It had moved to a different planet in another galaxy.

“Follow me,” Murok-Inoo said. This time it was a command.

For the first time in my life I accepted my condition. I closed my eyes and tried to follow the sound of Murok-Inoo’s voice.

One would think that teleporting oneself across interstellar distances would create a sensation in the body. People ask me if it hurts. It doesn’t. The sensation starts at a point behind my eyes and swells. It wasn’t my body that followed Murok-Inoo; it was my will. It was my determination that moved me across the universe, not my body.

I materialized about three feet off the surface of the planet and collapsed at the base of Murok-Inoo.

“Follow me,” it said. It disappeared again.

An earlier version of myself would have been frustrated. He would have demanded praise. He would take a break. That person died when I made my first jump. I summoned my willpower again and followed Murok-Inoo, this time materializing in the surf of a distant beach.

I chased him for the rest of the day, appearing on an icy moon, in the canopy of a gargantuan forest and in an ancient swamp long before the birth of humanity. On my final jump we ended back at the dunes, where I had first met Murok-Inoo.

At the time I thought it was strange that the crystal didn’t congratulate me, but I knew why almost immediately. The only approval that matters comes from within the self. When you start relying on the approval of others, you build another Negative Thought Pattern, another prison to inhabit.

“Reward yourself,” Murok-Inoo said.

I stepped forward and gripped a corner of the crystal. Using the same will that I used to travel across time and space I focused my strength and squeezed. There was a splintering sound that could be heard from one pole of the planet to the other as a shard of Murok-Inoo broke off in my hand. It was a five-inch chunk of my teacher. I wear this shard around my neck every day.

“From now on this planet will be your spiritual home,” the shard said. “It is the place where your spirit was born. You will teach this lesson to others and in so doing you will reward yourself again and again.”

It was with that command in my ears that I woke up in the bathtub. The water was frigid by that point, but it felt like a baptism, the start of my new life. I visited the planet — which I named in honor of my teacher— many times. It was on the surface of Murok-Inoo, my Spirit Home, that I wrote the tenants of the religion you follow today.

My teacher showed me the limitless power that lives within me. You have this power, too. You can find your own Spirit Home and reward yourself again and again.

Follow me.


FEBRUARY 2015 > A Litany for the Focusing of Powerful Thoughts

Hail Murok-Inoo, Sentient Crystal
Who revealed Positive Mechanics to his follower, Master Lucius

Hail Master Lucius, the Guide
Who Leads his Children to their Spirit Homes
Places Free of Negative Thought Patterns

Hail the Power of Positive Mechanics
Which teaches us to reward ourselves
A steal at twice the price

Hail Portals Bermuda, a beacon in the Night
Sandy Beaches, Crystal Caves and Viridian Heights
Untouchable by Charter agents and their lies

Hail (your name here), a god/goddess unto myself
I will take these lessons and use them to focus my Positive Intentions
Breaking free of Mundane Reality
And Creating a Heaven for Myself Among the Stars


MARCH 2015 > Quantum Arm Wrestling for Beginners

Opponents sit across from each other at a table (this is preferred but for a challenge consider placing opponents in different rooms, different states, different countries, OR different planets). The physical locations shouldn’t matter, but for games that don’t take place in the same room consider videoconferencing with your opponent or having an impartial judge who can “see” when the game is finished and declare a winner.

Classic Quantum Arm Wrestling takes place between two opponents, but under the Portals Bermuda variant, teams of opponents can face off against one another. Simply “tag” your team member into the competition with your mind. If they are a true Quantum Arm Wrestler, their intuition will tell them when you need a break.The game starts with both opponents raising their right arms over their heads. For the duration of the game, use your willpower to keep your arm raised while at the same time forcing your opponent’s arm down.

The Power of Positive Mechanics teaches us that we exert our will over reality, manifesting the positive in our lives while mentally blocking the negative influences holding us back. Successful Quantum Arm Wrestlers must maintain, attack, and defend all within one harmonious moment.

The league record was set at the 2012 Quantum Arm Wrestling Championships. Paul “The Iron Intentional” Robbins held his arm up for 27 hours against Deb “The Sedona Shocker” Murphy to win the title. Master Lucius Selig awarded Robbins a crystal from his personal collection and a firm handshake, which caused the over-exerted Robbins to collapse to the floor.


APRIL 2015 > Adorations for Master Lucius I

All the great religions of the world teach gratitude. We do that in Positive Mechanics as well. April and May are the months we set aside to adore Master Lucius and all he has given us. Read these devotions to yourself in the days leading up to May 11, Murok-Inoo Day. Then, when you’re done reading them, spend a moment thinking about Master Lucius Selig and how you can be more like him.

Lesson One:

Gratitude for Master Lucius’ Growing Power

“A useful thing about the Portals Bermuda project is that it forces me to improve myself. I’m challenging myself to maintain those extra-dimensional spaces for longer and longer. It’s not easy! At first I could only maintain the projection for myself and one other person. We could only visit one place and for a very short amount of time. But now? Portals Bermuda exists across several different dimensions. There are hundreds of visitors. The flow of time doesn’t touch it unless I want it to.

“It took me just a few years to reach this point. Imagine where I’ll be a few more from today!”

So Speaks Master Lucius!

Response: As you grow, Master Lucius, so shall we grow with you! I will book my pilgrimage to Portals Bermuda, the Multiverse’s Premiere Resort for the Spiritually Aware.

Lesson Two:

A Prayer for Master Lucius’ Protection

“I know there are people out there who don’t want Portals Bermuda to exist. I’m sure someone in the government, probably the IRS, is going to look into us at some point. They won’t find anything out of place, though.

“I’m more concerned about other factions, ones bigger than the taxman. My brand of enlightenment has some powerful enemies. They would probably prefer that I didn’t exist. They’re going to try to stop me. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were inside Portals Bermuda already.

“But I knew about them already, before I even started this project. My dad’s library has tons of books about The Charter. Once you deny them their element of surprise it’s silly how easy they are to predict. Fair warning, guys, if one of my staff finds you nosing around inside Portals, I will personally evict you. I’ll send you home, yeah,but you’re not going to like the places I take you on the way.”

So Speaks Master Lucius!

Response: Thank you for this risk you’re taking for us, Master Lucius. I will focus my Positive Intentions on your safety and send a one-time donation to your security forces.

Lesson Three:

Gratitude for the Master’s boyfriend

“Christian and I went to Saint Malibados today to do some swimming. It was fun, but we got some work done, too. I think Christian has a lot of potential to run Portals Bermuda if I’m ever away. We’re working on developing his abilities. He’s my unofficial-slash-official protégé.

“It’ll be a while before he’s ready. Christian is a beginner (to be polite about it) and he needs practice. I thought it would be fun to do an exercise where we made sand castles without touching the sand. I made a castle that was almost as tall as I am. Christian, even though he was concentrating as hard as he could, could only shape the sand into this sad little pile.

“I laughed at him and he got back at me by knocking my sandcastle down with his Zone of Positive Influence.

“So childish! Gotta love the guy, though.”

So Speaks Master Lucius!

Response: Thank you, Christian Garcia, for being our Master’s Consort.


MAY 2015 > Adorations for Master Lucius II

Power On For Murok-Inoo Day (May 4th) with More Gratitude for Master Lucius!

Lesson Four:

Gratitude for the Master’s Embarrassment of Riches

“It’s silly how hung up people get about money and religion. People in the media are always criticizing me, ‘Positive Mechanics is a money cult! Positive Mechanics is a money cult!’ It’s infantile. They’re having hissy fits about the least interesting aspect of this faith.

“They see Master Lucius Selig wearing nice suits and driving a nice car and automatically assume that I’m a hypocrite. It’s apparently against the law to be a faith leader and have money.

“Positive Mechanics is above those paradigms. I think they’re tedious. I teach people the power of shaping their own realities! That’s so huge! That can be anything from manifesting a better parking spot or creating whole solar systems! Yes, you can manifest personal wealth with Positive Mechanics; you can manifest anything you wish with Positive Mechanics.

“But whatever. That’s their negative thought pattern, not mine. If they ever want to break out of it and learn something they know how to find me. Call me toll-free 707-202-6033”

So Speaks Master Lucius!

Response: The critics condemn themselves! Thank you, Master Lucius, for exposing the folly of this Age. We will reward ourselves, and you, again and again.

Lesson Five:

Gratitude for Informing on our Friends

“There has been a threat against my safety posed by individuals, unbelievers, and suppressive persons calling themselves The Charter.

“It’s come to my attention that some of my followers, maybe even people on my staff, have been aiding The Charter. They’ve accepted bribes from people who want nothing less than to see Portals Bermuda crumble. This hurts me deeply, but as author of my own reality, I know that I can handle any problem that presents itself.

“But Negative thought patterns don’t just hurt the person who wields them, they poison others as well.

“To any Charter members or people who may be helping the Charter: I will find you and deal with you appropriately. To everyone else: please accept my sincere apologies if I’m cautious or guarded in person. If you know or suspect anyone of helping the Charter, report them to my security team. If my security team takes you aside for questioning, please cooperate with them. It’s for the best.”

So Speaks Master Lucius!

Response: Our enemies will be turned to dust in light of Master Lucius’ awesome power. We will aid him by reporting all suspicious people to his security forces. Power ON!


JUNE 2015 > I Can Create New Worlds and You Can, Too

Every day more people become curious about the Power of Positive Mechanics. They ask me, “Master Lucius, how are you able to travel to different dimensions? And what, the heck is ‘Portals Bermuda?’”

I struggled with the decision to share this gnosis. One, because that’s a complicated question and two, because I try to honor my Zone of Positive Influence by not giving away such things for free.

But I consulted my higher self. It told me to let you in on some of my secrets, with the understanding that these mysteries will be more fully revealed to people who buy a ticket to Portals Bermuda.

Now, people within Positive Mechanics may have told you that Master Lucius, in his physical body, travels to new planets. They suggest that I travel faster than the speed of light, literally teleporting myself all over the universe.

That’s silly. I am no mere spaceship. The truth is much more profound. My power is such that every world in Portals Bermuda was made by my consciousness. They are different dimensions, but I created them. All on my own. When you visit Saint Malibados, remember that I made every grain of sand on that beach. Every tree in Viridian Heights is mine. Every crystal in the caves of Murok-Inoo was sculpted by my hand. When you go skiing on Todos 7, you’re skiing on my snow. It’s my own recipe.

How did I do this? The self is the source of all creative energy. I focus my will and manifest these new worlds. Portals Bermuda is a physical expression of the wonders I hold in my mind.

I’ll walk you through one such process. Only those who are truly aware will be able to read the text. By repeating this again and again you can try creating a new world for yourself. It is my sincere hope that someone will one day become as powerful as myself. Then maybe I can take a vacation!

Close your eyes. Try to feel the space within you that houses your purest self, the place where all your creative energy flows.

I want you to picture a Void, a limitless field of power, an expanse that glows with its own light

I want you take the light, hold on to as much of it as you can, see how it’s pouring into your hands? See how you can shape it? See how you can squeeze it into a ball and set it back in the sky?

Feel yourself standing on a surface, on stone that scrapes against your shoes. Imagine that stone stretching away from you. Imagine it growing until it touches the horizon. Imagine it abere with you perhaps or perhaps not. I wish Iqwe

Did you go anywhere? If you did, reach out to us at powerofpositivemechanics. com or call toll-free 707-202-6033. Let’s spread the light of Positive Mechanics across the limitless expanse of the multiverse!

Power ON!

— Master Lucius Selig


JULY 2015 > The Power of Positive advertising

Before all of this, before I started on my path with Positive Mechanics, I used to write advertisements. I was an ad copywriter.

Are you still with me? You haven’t closed the book in disgust, have you? Good! Good. I promise that I have a point.

The job wasn’t like how you imagine it. I wasn’t running around like Don Draper, wearing a nice suit, having three martini lunches and flirting with models. The reality was much more – how should I say it? Blasé?

The reason I was an ad copywriter was because it was the only job I could find at the time that would allow me to work from home. You see, at first I had no control over my ability to astral project. It would happen without warning.

Obviously I wasn’t able to hold down a conventional job, in an office, with a boss who would probably (understandably!) be irritated that my productivity would cease when my spirit left my body.

I needed to work from home, where it wouldn’t matter if I blacked out for a few minutes or a few hours. I always liked writing and creating media, so I tried to see if anyone would pay me to do it online.

I got my start by writing reviews of online poker web sites. Remember those? For $25 a post I had to come up with 300 words to describe why visitors should visit one poker web site out of the dozens upon dozens that were available to them.

It was very difficult. There’s only so much you can say about online poker; most of it I simply made up on the spot. I’d write about one site being “the best-kept secret among tomorrow’s poker professionals” or another being “where fortunes are made during peak play hours.” I even dubbed one site, “The King of Micro Stakes!”

That’s a little insider poker lingo for you.

The point is that it didn’t matter that I was making these reviews up as I went. It didn’t even matter if anything I said was true! The point is that, even then, when I was living off of a pile of $25 paychecks, I was creating worlds for people.

Through my work I was building new realities for my readers, new paradigms for them to inhabit. Every single one of those web sites was identical to every other one, but if you visited a site based on what I wrote, that site was, for you, a place where you could become one of the best poker players in the world. I was making places where people could manifest their dreams.

The people who read my reviews needed that. They needed me to create that sacred space for them so they could step into it. Live it. Become it. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to create that tiny Zone of Positive Influence for them.

In a way, that’s what we’re called upon to do in Positive Mechanics. We’re called to manifest the best possible reality for ourselves, and for those who need our help. It’s a gift that only people like us have and gifts – if we choose – can be shared with others.

I’m showing my age but I was always inspired by the old Charles Atlas ads in comic books. Remember those? The ones that promised to help you bulk up and “become a man” in seven days? The ads often included comic strips and I think those strips are beautifully spiritual stories.

In the comic strip Mac, the main character, is a 98-pound weakling sitting on the beach with his girlfriend. Another character, the Bully, kicks sand in Mac’s face. When Mac complains, the bully threatens to beat him up.

Instead of accepting the Bully’s paradigm, Mac instead seeks help through Charles Atlas. Mac orders Mr. Atlas’ exercise program and becomes big and strong. He returns to the beach and punches the Bully right in the jaw! After that happens Mac is crowned “King of the Beach.”

Wow! Mac is a little like all of you, right? You chose not to accept the reality that was foisted upon you. Instead, with the help of “Charles Atlas” (a.k.a. Master Lucius Selig) you studied Positive Mechanics. Charles Atlas showed you new ways of being. He carried you in his muscular arms and showed you your Spirit Home. You grew into powerful beings, able to manifest your own realities on a whim. Some of you definitely used Positive Mechanics to get into better shape, but you also started your own businesses, found love, and reclaimed power taken from you by people in your life who act like the Bully. Some of you are so powerful that you’re able to change reality not just for yourselves, but also for the people around you.

Many people think that advertisements are lies or that they distort the truth. That’s two-dimensional thinking. It’s a Negative Thought Pattern in disguise. Advertisements show us a different way of being. They aren’t the truth but they are a truth, one truth from many that we can have if we choose it. That’s what Positive Mechanics offers us, the choice of any reality we want.

Friends, followers, I’d like to close with one more truth: With the Power of Positive Mechanics we are both Mac and Charles Atlas. We are all Kings and Queens of the Beach.

Power On!

— Master Lucius Selig


AUGUST 2015 > The Trap of “Why?”

One of my favorite movies is Nightcrawler. I’m an unapologetic fan of Jake Gyllenhaal’s role as Lou Bloom and I don’t care who knows it. Bloom embodies the ideal of Positive Mechanics. He has a goal and he attains it, in spite of the negative thought patterns held by his business partners.

I have to quibble with Bloom on one thing, though. At one point in the movie he states, “Why you pursue something is just as important as what you pursue.”

I disagree.

Let’s assume that I want a new car. I already have a very nice car. Someone may ask “Why?”

My response to that question, whether I want a new car, a better house, or a better boyfriend is always, “Why not?”

Think about it: our faith is called the Power of Positive Mechanics. There’s a reason why the word “power” comes first in that title. We are, each of us, divine. We are tiny gods and goddesses. No one asks God why she came up with the idea of surface tension or why she created magnetism. These concepts pleased her, she had the power to create them and so she made them. End of story!

“Why?” is a trap. It invites scrutiny that can lead to you doubt the truth that your will is (and should be) absolute. As a follower of Positive Mechanics, there can be no hesitation between your desire to manifest something and choosing to manifest that thing. To do so is to deny your godhood, the closest thing we have to a “sin” within our faith.

I want you to try something throughout the month of August. Think of something you desire, something you have no practical use for. Make attaining that thing your goal just because you can. Let nothing stand in your way. If someone asks you why you want this thing, respond immediately and forcefully with “Why not?”

Good luck and Power On!

— Master Lucius Selig


SEPTEMBER 2015 < Our Power over the Coming Apocalypse

Our current paradigm is in crisis. We’re polluting our home. The American dream is further away for families than it’s ever been before. War rages on the horizon. And the worst calamity may be closer than we realize.

Before Positive Mechanics, I used to read about these things and despair. I used to think that there was no way out of the suffering that was to come.

But when I rejected negative thought patterns from my life, I realized that something much more auspicious was at hand. By nurturing and growing my Zone of Positive Influence I discovered that I could change my reality any time I wished.

Thousands of people from across the planet have come to my workshops over the last few years. They, too, sense that a change is coming. In the future we will not be bound to the laws of this imperfect reality. Positive Mechanics teaches us that a never-ending fountain of creative energy lives within us all, and we can tap into it whenever we wish. This is our way out. An escape pod from this doomed world.

Shifts in consciousness, the ones that change the world, are always attended by disaster and suffering. But don’t be tricked by them. When you see these things in the news, be happy! It means that we’re closer to achieving something better.

Friends, you and I represent a singularity, a force that will wash over this dimension and leave something new in its place. It will be a reality of our own choosing, a paradigm that is so radical and visionary that the feeble structure of our world can’t contain it. The world will collapse under our mass and be reborn.

I represent that shift. You represent that shift. We need to tell more people about the change that’s coming. They can help us build something new. Please, if the message you heard today resonates with you, have everyone you know visit powerofpositivemechanics.com for more information.

Those who are not aware will not be allowed into the new kingdom we create. For their safety and the comfort of your eternal Zone of Positive Influence, tell everyone you can about our message of truth. Awaken in others the Power of Positive Mechanics. Save them from the cataclysm that is sure to come!

Your homework assignment this month is to find four converts (one each week). I will remind you that referrals qualify you for a free seminar with myself. What a deal!

Power On!

— Master Lucius Selig


OCTOBER 2015 > I Decide My Fate, Not Mercury

Astrology is bogus.

I know that sounds like blasphemy coming from someone in my line of work, but it needs to be said. I encounter astrology frequently, moving in the circles I do. I can’t attend a conference or a “new age” health fair without being trapped in a conversation with someone who wants to tell me, at excruciating length, about how important it is that Venus is ascending in conjunction with Jupiter and what that means for my love life, or my business decisions, or my choice to eat oatmeal or Count Chocula for breakfast.

Maybe that’s why my relationship to astrology has gone from indifference, to minor annoyance, to a pet peeve, to a deep-seated need to caution my followers against it.

Astrology is the promise of security. It tells us that we can understand our fate by understanding the machinations of the stars and the planets. I’m skeptical. The complexity of star charts, readings, the significance of one ascending planet against another retrograde planet in relation to a constellation is so arbitrary and obtuse that I’d almost feel safer living in a universe of pure chaos.

Positive Mechanics tells us that reality is both meaningless and full of meaning. We extract the rewards we want from the universe by feeding the universe our version of The Truth. This is the cornerstone of my teaching: the universe responds to the individual, not the other way around. If this were not true, I would not be able to weave worlds with the power of my mind. I could not project myself between realities. I could not bring other people into these realities with me. I set the parameters. The rules are my own. My universe is Lucian. My nephew’s universe is Lexian. President Obama’s universe is Obamian. Your universe is yours. Get it?

Since you are the only author of your universe, you must be an active participant in it. Astrology would have you become passive. It would have you hitch your will to the dull grinding of Mercury’s orbit around the sun, a narrative that hasn’t changed once in 4.5 billion years. That’s a pretty boring story; do you really want to adopt that narrative as your own? Do you want to be happy, or sad, or successful, or a failure just because an uninhabitable ball volcanic rock told you to? What has Mercury done for you lately?

I am not only a weak gravitational force acting from millions of miles across the solar system. I am not only a ball of rock hurtling through space. I am not only a star. I am the force of gravity. I am every ball of rock hurtling through space. I am every star in the universe. Since these are all myself, I can pay Jupiter no more mind than I do a pile of my fingernail clippings. How can I be a slave to a nearby constellation when, with the slightest thought, I can travel to another dimension?

Here’s your homework assignment for the month: find your astrological reading and edit it. Cut out any part you don’t like. Add whatever you want to it. Treat your edited reading as though it’s fate and watch it happen according to your will. Show those stars who’s boss.

Power On!

— Master Lucius Selig


NOVEMBER 2015 > Beware The Charter

“A prophet is never welcome in his hometown.”

But that’s okay.

When I brought Positive Mechanics to the world, I knew there would be some pushback. You don’t get into the business of changing people’s fundamental realities without knowing that others will challenge you along the way. I welcome that challenge.

The challenges have come from strange places, though. My family surprised me, certainly. My mother, when she was alive, always told me that I was given a gift. She said the best way I could show that I was thankful for that gift was by using it, getting better at it, and sharing it with other people. That’s the most important lesson anyone has ever taught me.

Since she passed, my family have distanced themselves from me. They think that I should keep my abilities to myself, that I should not “make a big deal” out of them. I’m glad I chose to listen to my mother instead; otherwise I’d be like my sister – a painter whose work defies anyone to actually enjoy it – or my father, a brilliant engineer who locks all of his inventions away in his office.

I have a responsibility to the Universe that gave me this gift. It wants me to spread my message to everyone. It wants me to build new worlds and take other people to visit them. Mark my words: the work I’m doing with Positive Mechanics will cause a singularity and one day millions of people across the planet will be as powerful as I am.

My mission has gotten some negative attention, not just from my family and their negative thought patterns. My mother warned me when I was a child. She said there were people in this Universe whose job it was to stop people like myself. She said they were called The Charter. The Charter is invested in the current paradigm on this planet, a narrative of weakness and need. People are easier to control that way.

Every so often a light being like myself will come along and attempt to break people from the Charter’s control scheme. The Charter will try to destroy them.

Since I began Portals Bermuda, I took hundreds of people into a place that exists across several dimensions. Our spirits learn and play in a resort world that is unlike any other place on Earth. We meditate inside crystal caves. We have cookouts in prehistoric forests. We play volleyball on beaches that are the size of continents.

It’s a lot of fun, but the central message of Portals Bermuda is that you can do this, too. Anyone, anyone, anyone can be just like me if they follow me. We can manifest new realities any time we wish.

That message is very threatening to The Charter, who want us to live in the prison they constructed for us.

Since I began sharing my message of infinite creativity, The Charter has threatened me. My offices are under surveillance. I hear weird clicking noises whenever I talk to someone on the phone. I get menacing voicemails from people who never identify themselves. I know that some Charter members have probably infiltrated my group of followers and are spying on what we do here.

That’s fine. I will not allow their negative thought patterns to influence my mission on Earth. I will find them. I will weed them out. I will succeed. The Charter cannot stop me. They’re welcome to try. If they do, then that means my victory over them will be more complete.

This is a warning to all of you: if the Charter wants to stop me, they want to stop you as well.

I want you to try something this month: look at all of your “friends” and “family” and ask yourself which of them could be a member of the Charter. Who wants to see you fail? Is the cop you see on the sidewalk human? Or is he a Charter goon? If your parent or spouse urged you to drop out of Positive Mechanics, did they do that out of a heartfelt concern for your safety? Or are they trying to make you fall back into Negative Thought Patterns?

Your homework assignment is to cut these people out of your life. Give them no quarter! Gods and Goddesses have no time for the meddling of Charter stooges! You will never succeed in Positive Mechanics with the ball and chain of the Charter holding you back!

Power On!

— Master Lucius Selig


DECEMBER 2015 > Affluent Asceticism

Would you believe that I don’t have more than $50 in my bank account?

I know what you’re thinking: “How can Master Lucius Selig, prophet of Positive Mechanics and bringer of Prosperity, keep just $50 in his savings account?”

The truth is, I’d have even less but my bank fines you if you keep less than fifty dollars. I keep that little money on hand as a display of faith in Positive Mechanics. The religion has given me so much monetary energy over the years, but I spend every dollar the minute it crosses my palm.

When I started this religion I had nothing. Everything I’ve gained since I embraced my godlike self is a gift from Positive Mechanics. I have only to follow its teachings and money manifests in my life without fail.

I made the choice years ago to trust that positive energy flow. As a sign of that trust, I save absolutely nothing. I call this concept “Affluent Asceticism,” a religious practice in which you become wealth by refusing to set anything aside for a rainy day. Saving money, in a way, is a negative thought pattern. The person who saves money is setting himself up for failure. “What if my car breaks down,” he asks. “Where will I be then if I don’t have a savings?” A person who thinks like that will never have true wealth because they’re too busy being afraid.

You don’t have to be as extreme as I am to try affluent asceticism for yourself. Open up your wallet and find a bill, the biggest one in there. After some prayerful meditation, take the bill out and burn it. I’ll bet you the measly $50 in my bank account that you’ll feel better for having done it.

Power On!

— Master Lucius Selig


JANUARY 2016 > Could You be “The Second?”

The illuminated Master Lucius Selig can travel between worlds. Through higher- evolutionary meditation techniques, Master Lucius builds worlds in other dimensions. The air, the earth, the seas of these dimensions – all can be felt and experienced by others and all were built by Master Lucius’ divine will. This is the highest expression of the Power of Positive Mechanics.

Master Lucius is the only person we know of who can perform this miracle, but there may be another! When Murok-Inoo, The Great Crystal, handed down the teachings of Positive Mechanics to Lucius, the crystal prophesied that Lucius would be joined by another like himself, another being with the power to build new worlds.

Could you be the one promised to us?

Master Lucius is seeking this other being, “The Second,” in order to fulfill the words of Murok-Inoo. He has devised a special series of tests in order to discover this being. Once a likely candidate has presented his/her/itself, Lucius will administer further tests and specialized training in order to shepherd that being into their divine mission as Second. This is the first test:

Visualize and create this scene in your mind:

Picture this scene during your daily meditation. Make it as real as you can. Picture the house, the tree. Is there a bird in the tree? What is the temperature? How does the ground feel under your feet? Can you smell anything?

Once this scene feels whole to you, when you can recall it and visit it on command, call (707) 202-6033 and leave a message. Our acolytes will contact you shortly.

And, if you desire to push your training into overdrive, order Master Lucius’ book So You Think You’re The Second, available for $59.99 at spiritually-aware bookstores across the country.



FEBRUARY 2016 > Positivity Karma and The Infamous Master Lucius Bobble Head

We all go through trials of faith sometimes. Even those of us who think their Zone of Positive Influence could withstand a hit from a tactical nuke have our moments of doubt.

For me it was when I introduced my line of Master Lucius bobble heads. I loved the idea at first. Spirituality can often be so dry; I thought it would help if my followers had a reminder that Positive Mechanics was, at its core, a religion about happiness. What better way to do that than with a small plastic likeness of myself that could nod and smile at people? It also had a string you could pull to hear the toy give a piece of spiritual advice. And it looked cute, dammit! It was a no-brainer at the time.

I make no apologies for the series. At a mere $32, they were priced to move. Anyone who wished could own one for themselves. The bobble heads are, and remain, a valid expression of the Power of Positive Mechanics.

Others didn’t see it that way, though. Atheists, skeptics, and people who had “rescued” their family members from my church discovered the bobble heads and made a big stink about them on the Internet. Someone who defected from the church years ago bought one and reprogrammed it to say hurtful and inappropriate things about me.

I became weak when I started reading the comments people made. “Shameless,” “money-grubber,” “snake oil salesman,” etc. For days I binged on negative Amazon reviews about the Master Lucius bobble head. That was a mistake. I internalized the negativity and, in my weakness, I pulled the dolls from the shelves.

Many of you are acquainted with the idea of Positivity Karma: the stronger your Zone of Positive Influence is, the more positive things you keep in reserve. It’s like a rainy day fund that you pay into for your entire spiritual life. The Mechanics are so powerful that they can make good things happen in your life even at times when you are weak.

Fast forward to one year later: I was contacted by the agent of a famous pop art artist. She heard about my bobble head dolls through a mutual friend of ours, a musician who has been a Platinum Member of my church for years. She told me that she was inspired by the legend of the Master Lucius bobble head and she would like to do her own series. She just needed the rights to my likeness.

I said yes, of course, and I pulled down easily fifty times what I would have made by selling every one of the original dolls. Hell, I’m still making money. The artist has half a dozen nameless understudies working at her studio and those guys can crank out 50 bobble heads a day if they have to. We do “limited edition” (emphasis on the sarcasm quotes) runs of the bobble heads and sell them for eight grand a pop at contemporary art fairs.

It’s not popular to tell people that God plays favorites, but he certainly did in my case. He will for you, too, if you remember to keep the faith.

Power On!

— Master Lucius Selig



MARCH 2016 > Portals Bermuda: Master Lucius is in Complete Control

I’m celebrating today because I’ve reached a personal milestone in the history of Portals Bermuda: while in an exclusive meditation with some wealthy followers I went into a trance and maintained Portals for a record 24 hours.

Why is that important? Well, the explanation is really sci-fi but I’ll do my best.

To enter Portals, people sit down in a guided meditation with me. That happens on Earth. The meditation runs in fixed time, obviously; an hour in the meditation is just an hour.

But time is more fluid in Portals Bermuda. That same hour can last however long I wish. Once we’re inside Portals Bermuda that hour of guided meditation can be four hours, or ten minutes, or thirty seconds, or a month! The staff and I have to make a distinction between guided meditation time and “Portals Time.”

But even though the time in Portals is fluid, it is still constrained by the time I spend in meditation. Think of it like writing: I can either write you a 200-word pamphlet about Portals or I can write something as long as War and Peace.

So the longer I spend in meditation, the more rich and detailed Portals becomes. I can work in weather patterns so we can go skysurfing above Viridian Heights. I can manifest additional staff members to give everyone a day-long massage. I can host 36-hour-long parties on Todos 7 that somehow fit within a single night.

Hosting long meditation sessions is a little taxing. If it goes any longer I’m going to have to hook myself and my followers up to IVs, but we’ll figure that out when the time comes. I can handle it. It’s like training for a marathon.

I hope this comforts anyone who has doubts about traveling between dimensions. Trust me, I have everything under control. We’re booking more and more spiritual pilgrimages every day, so order your ticket to Portals Bermuda while you still have the chance!

Power On!

—Master Lucius Selig



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