Emerson's Last Will and Testament

Emerson's plan for his life's work.

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I, EMERSON SELIG, resident of MENDOCINO, California, aged 65 years do hereby revoke all my former Wills, Codicils and Testamentary dispositions made by me. I declare this to be my last Will and Testament.

I maintain good health, and possess a sound mind. This Will is made by me of my own independent decision and free volition. I have not been influenced, cajoled or coerced in any manner whatsoever.

I hereby appoint my daughter, PIPER PASTORE, as the Executor of this Will.

To my daughter, her husband NICOLAE PASTORE, and their two children LEX and MORGAN, I bequeath my home at 45530 Little Lake St., Mendocino, California.

To my son, LUCIUS SELIG, I leave the remainder of my accounts and property, with the exception of $10,000 and with the exception of certain scientific equipment and notes, to be described later.

The $10,000 shall be set aside in account to provide for NIMSESKU, the family pet. My daughter shall see to his care through her life and Nimsesku shall pass to Morgan if Piper is ever unable to care for him. Morgan must trust Nimsesku to another owner in preparation for such a time in her own life. Left on his own Nimsesku will survive, but we owe him all of the comfort and respect we are able to give. He must never be allowed near powerful magnets.

For my family’s privacy, I have designed a special cage that will prevent signals from Nimsesku’s audio/visual equipment from reaching outer space.

Upon my death, Piper shall open the safe in my office. The code is the month and day I married my beautiful wife, JEAN SELIG, followed by a pound (#) sign. Piper is to remove the following documents from the safe and destroy them:



3). A file of intercepted messages from outer space. They have a red design that is shaped like an eye or a pyramid.

4). Any documents on my corkboard that also bear this symbol.

Piper shall also remove the following equipment from my study and destroy it:

1). THE TRANSDUCER, a metal box with an array of metal discs.

2). The FREQUENCY DILATOR, a narrow black box for the manipulation of sound.

Piper may ask for any help she requires in order to carry out these tasks, but my son, Lucius, shall not be present. Furthermore, he is not to know of this request until after it has been executed.

These requests are for the family’s protection. Failure to complete them could attract the notice of powerful, wrathful entities. So far they have stayed their hand when it has come to our family, the result of a promise I made (under coercion) to them years ago. I do not know if they will honor this agreement after I am gone, and so the safest course of action is to appease them by destroying all of my equipment, all of my notes, and every scrap of writing I have about my studies about the esoteric nature of sound.

In addition to my life, I would like to request that my family honor the memory of SEVENTEEN, a dear friend from South Vietnam who protected me during the war and opened my eyes to the wonders of music.

I shall be interred under the same oak tree as my wife. This is to be a family-only ceremony. I was never in tune with the Anomaly as much as she was (even though I suspect I’ve done its work in my time on this earth), but I think I am starting to see the same visions that she did before she passed— continuous flux of light and shape and sound, a cosmic battery powering everything visible and invisible. It speaks to me with Jean’s voice and it is the most comforting sound I have ever heard.

Signed on this day, March 01, 2016.


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Emerson Selig