Jean's Funeral Program

Jean, the muse, gives her family advice before leaving them.

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Funeral Program

A Celebration of Wisdom 

Jean Selig

??? - December 21, 2015
Mother. Companion. Guide. Muse. 

Though I return to the Anomaly— the creative force, the harmonic tone that shaped us all— it is not without some regret. 
My most beloved, if I doubt at this time of my transition it is only because I will not be there to guide you through the troubles that are sure to come. Every Child of the Anomaly must face hardship and I fear that special trials await our family.

But know this: in love, I have shaped in you the tools that will guide you in my absence. If you still fear, remember always that Chaos is simply part of our nature. The Anomaly frees people like ourselves from soul-sickening Order. Do not be afraid to fail. In failing you may create something beautiful.
Emerson: I never thought I would spend my life with someone who was so analytical, but I’m proud of what we created together. Thank you for showing me that sound is the key to creation. Your heart is full of wires and transistors, but I love you. Always.

Piper: It is a rare gift to catch a glimpse of the multiverse. Continue using your all-sight in your paintings so that others may see with your eyes.

Lucius: My sweet boy... Controlling your gifts is hard, but controlling your ego is harder. People who create too much Chaos get noticed. Beware the Charter. They know you.

Nicolae: May your radio one day find the Anomaly’s music. May you hear me singing with it. May your songs reach beyond death to retrieve lost children.

Lex: You are so much like your grandfather. Through his research you will become the bridge between Order and Chaos, between Charter and Anomaly. You will go places even I haven’t seen.

Morgan: It can be very difficult to hear the feelings of others, but you must grow this gift as you grow a garden. Sound is the key to creation, but empathy is the key to life itself.

Do one last thing in my memory. Every year you must come together and reflect on what has passed and what you can learn from your troubles. Whenever you do this, I will be there with you.
Listen for me.
— Jean

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Jean Selig