The Society of Peripheral Studies

Since 1972, the Society of Peripheral Studies has been illuminating the darkest corners of our universe, and others. Founded by Sela Jasper as a means of exploring our reality’s more elusive mysteries in the company of friends, the Society is dedicated to peering beyond the veil in search of the truth. SPS is based in Santa Fe, NM, but welcomes members from across the globe. Members engage in a variety of research efforts, and are dedicated to sharing findings online and at our global events.

Meow Wolf Project

SPS is currently supporting the art collective Meow Wolf on its project called the House of Eternal Return. SPS members from New Mexico and beyond are stationed in Santa Fe to help protect the House and its remaining evidence. As we’ve detailed in the past (“Art? Dream? Access to the Subconscious?”) we believe that Meow Wolf’s project does in fact provide access points to other realms, and we are dedicated to parsing out what is simply imagination and what has been channeled from The Forked Universe (“The Forked Universe Theory”).

We are stewards of the House, and archivists of its mysteries. Are you planning to visit the exhibition? Prepare yourself.

Citizen Scientist Initiative

The Society of Peripheral Studies is over the moon to announce the launch of the Citizen Scientist Initiative, where the brightest minds in our universe can shine at their full potential. For decades we’ve tackled some of the most taboo research topics our dimension has to offer, from alternate dimensions to celestial sonics and more. While our curiosity may be infinite, our research funding is not, which is why we need as many fellow seekers as possible to join us in the search for truth! Citizen Scientists do not need to be members of SPS to engage in research.

Become an Official and Licensed Citizen Scientist.