Meow Wolf Project

SPS is currently supporting the art collective Meow Wolf on its project called the House of Eternal Return. SPS members from New Mexico and beyond are stationed in Santa Fe to help protect the House during the pandemic. As we’ve detailed in the past, we believe that Meow Wolf’s project does in fact provide access points to other realms, and we are dedicated to parsing out what is simply imagination and what has been channeled from The Forked Universe. We are stewards of the House, and archivists of its mysteries. Are you planning to visit the exhibition? We are helping to keep explorers and the anomaly itself safe in the time of Covid-19. Prepare yourself.

Before you enter The House of Eternal Return
-Tickets must be purchased in advance online.
-You must wear a mask!
-Inside the lobby, a Meow Wolf employee will check your temperature. If you or someone in your party is running a fever, they will ask you to come back another day.

Once Inside
-Once you enter the House of Eternal Return, you will see Society of Peripheral Studies research in process. We've removed and safely stored physical evidence to limit the touching of objects. You will be able to access those objects (i.e. journals, letters, etc.) by your smart phone.
-Please conduct your research and submit your findings to contribute to SPS' growing knowledge and understanding.
-Go the Instructions page for more details.